Welcome to A Vision of the Future

Introduction and Explanation:

This wiki is an assignment fulfilling the final requirements of EDES 545: Information technology for Learning Unviersity of Alberta Teacher-Librarianship Distance Learning Program. Please listen to the podcast beow for an explanation of what you will see on this site.

My Vision by Christine Robinson:

I envision a Canada where all schools have teacher-librarians, all schools have access to multiple modes and modalities of technology and all schools have the funds to maintain and update this technology as needed. There is effective Professional Development for each Teacher that is sustained and supported through government funding. The Teacher-Librarians collaborate regularly with the Classroom Teachers and the Instructional Technology Facilitator to effectively integrate technology and there is a comprehensive, effective, useful and appropriate curriculum framework to help guide this collaboration.

This is a Canada where students understand copyright and intellectual property rights and respect them; where students are confident in their use of technology, yet careful and critical when browsing and using the internet; where there are no filters, but abuse is rare because students know their rights and their responsibilities as good Digital Citizens.

This is a Canada where our students become adults who are leaders in innovative, creative technology use to create solutions to the world’s problems.